Lucy La Montagne

Property owner, restauranteur, sometimes music manager Lucy La Montagne has been a fixture in the Warehouse District for over 40 years as the proprietor of Lucy’s Bar and Grill and Lucy’s Lofts. Known equally for her oyster po-boys and her take-no-shit attitude, Lucy’s like your favorite great-aunt you don’t want to piss off. When you run your own bar/restaurant and loft, though, you have to know how to work a room.

Classic Lucy quotes:
“I got a little hitch in my gitalong…but I still gitalong.”
“I’m twice the gal I used to be!”
“That pitcher’s not gonna finish itself. Open up.”
“I don’t know much about art, but I know enough to raise my rents!”

Lucy met Tarquin when he was newly arrived to New Orleans a couple of years ago. Broke and desperate, he fell in with a scruffy group of artists living in her Lofts. Over the last 24 months, Tarquin has been able to attract a higher level of clientele to the lofts, coming to an understanding with Lucy about his rent.

She’s a little indifferent about the newfound status of her establishment. Though her property value may be on the rise, she maintains the down-home feel of the bar, and now hobnobs with both hardscrabble old-timers and fancy up-and-comers.

Lucy la montagne

Lucy La Montagne

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